these are words


  1. london creatives
  2. dress yoko – not loco
  3. tiny living room tips
  4. starting your first etsy store
  5. are you about personal style or looking good
  6. beginner’s guide to wearing all black
  7. what your graphic tee says about you
  8. how do you take a compliment
  9. minimal-ize your life


  1. mark seliger
  2. damaris evans
  3. blake wright
  4. rumi neely
  5. inbar spector
  6. preetma singh
  7. jenn rogien
  8. painted bird
  9. jessica stroup
  10. trina turk
  11. jiz lee

other stuff

  1. chictopia influential blogger of the year
  2. chictopia x clothes encounters
  3. goorin x drybar
  4. goorin x refinery29 & the bon vivants

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